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Starting Wages?

4 replies created 10 months ago
posted by PanamaJim 10 months ago

Fla min is $8.25. I've been $10/hr starting for 12 years but now McD is $9, Sonic and most convenience stores are $10. I guess I've got to move up to $11/hr. Twenty years ago I had beginners at $7 and my best at $14 or $15. (sales staff and mgrs). My wage scale has flattened with less increments.


reply by hkim3106 10 months ago

We're in VA and minimum wage here is $7.25 but due to competition from other businesses we typically start new employees anywhere between $9 and $12 based on their work production.

reply by PanamaJim 10 months ago

If I hire someone with mechanical exp, I will often start them at $12 as well with the expectation they will assist in wash maintenance. With all this hoopla about raising the minimum wage, it appears like the market place is better at setting wages than state or federal laws.

reply by Earl Weiss 10 months ago

Chicago Minimum wage is at $10.50, going to $11.00 7/1 plus Full time employees will be entitled to a week paid Vacation after one year. See, Chciago can't afford to pay labor costs for City employee, minimum wage jobs are leaving. But they seem tho think they arer smart nough to tell private enterprise how much they have to pay.

reply by joel361977 about 1 month ago

I am interested in doing a hand car wash. I have a question about wages. In FL, the minimum wage is 8.25/hr, I assume 20% extra (fica, medicare, taxes, etc) in my financial model that equals 9.9/hr per employee. I calculate 7 people working with shifts so lets say 12 hours per day. Calculating labor, 9.9/hr x 12 hr x 7ppl = 831.6 / day x 7 days = 5,821.2 / week x 4 weeks =23,284.8 monthly. How do hand car wash businesses survive labor costs? Assuming a car wash does 110 cars per day x 15 sales price x 7 days x 4 weeks equals $46,200 monthly. My labor is just 50.4% of my gross income. Is that right? can anybody give me an idea how hand car wash business figure out their labor costs? or maybe assuming 110 cars per day is too low? any ideas?

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