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Instrument penal flickering problem

4 replies created over 9 years ago
posted by tomchung over 9 years ago

So, we detailed 2002 C230 Benz. Customer came back with instrument panel lights flickering.

Basically, the instrument light where you see speedometer and ect flickers as if it is about to go dead. My lube tech think her instrment panel cluster light is going bad. But the customer thinks we messed it up.

We decided to wait few days to see if the problem will correct itself. If it does not, then I thought about asking her to get it fixed at the dealer and we cover the cost if the dealer says it was due to us detailing the car.

Someone told me that Benz had some recalls due to similar problem with instrument panetl cluster.

Does anyone know more about what the cause may have been? Was it really because we detailed and got some water in the car or something?

Thank you!



reply by jmoran over 9 years ago


I operate two detail shops inside two Mercedes Benz Dealerships, we detail over 100 Pre-Owned Mercedes vehicles a month and have never had a problem like you are referring too. That's not to say you didn't cause it, because it is possible with either moisture or compressed air to cause electrical problems. My advice would be to get in front of this issue quickly. Call Mercedes and find out if it is an issue with this vehicle. Do some research online as well. I can tell you from experience that nothing from a Mercedes is "cheap" to repair. It may be a light like you described, but if they have to take the dash apart to get to it, you are looking at probably a $500+ bill because Mercedes labor ain't cheap. Hell, an oil change here is $120!

Good Luck,

John Moran

reply by buda over 9 years ago


John is giving you great advise. If they take it to the dealer it is going to cost you HUGE dollars.

Did your people spray chemical on the dash? My employees did that a few years back when we operated DETAIL PLUS Centres on a Volvo and moisture got behind the plastic panel. We had to pay $200 to remove the dash so the moisture could be wiped off.

You need to determine if the flickering could a typical problem or it was something your people caused.

Bud A

reply by tomchung over 9 years ago

I see. Thanks for the advices. I just talked to the customer over the phone. She said the it's getting better but still flickering a bit. I did some research online, and some suggest fuse #5 might go bad to cause such flickering.

But since the customer says it's getting better, we decided to wait few more days to see if it will completely go away.

We do use compressed air, but we don't spray any chemicals. If anything, we may put some glass cleaner on rag to wipe off. And the guys that worked on cars have detailed for several years day in and day out. I'm still not sure what may have caused it, but she is regular customer so I wanted to make sure take care of the problem one way or the other.

Thanks guys!


reply by PanamaJim over 9 years ago

I've seen electronics dry out and's worth a try...good luck.

It's good to keep an aerosol can of "contact cleaner" for those situations.

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