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Brand New 2010 Lambi

12 replies created over 9 years ago
posted by tomchung over 9 years ago

We have a customer who just bought a brand new 2010 Lambi. He wants us to start hand washing. But quite frankly, we're nervous. We've washed and detailed other fine cars like Bentley and Ferrari, but this car is so rare(they made only 30) and it's brand new.

Is there any precaution that one should take in handwashing and waxing such exotic car? I'm assuming that car is a car and I shouldn't sweat too much, but that car just screams out "respect" in every corner. I'm not interested in making money of washing that car as much as not screwing it up.

I guess we should hand dry with NOT terry towel but with soft micro fiber too, huh?

Any advice will be so much appreciated. Thank you!



reply by Chiefs over 9 years ago

I have a customer who comes into our tunnel with a Bentley. While I thanked him for his confidence in us, I also made him aware that given the nature of the vehicle of his vehicle and cost of repair, that I would only cover any damages due only to equipment malfunction and not if something simply came off because it was loose or any other reason - and I made him sign a waiver of liability to that effect. Even with this, I still hold my breath when he comes in. Our process is very gentle but over time the chance of something happening inreases and I want no part of it.

reply by tomchung over 9 years ago

Wow, you actually got him to sign on piece of paper? He was cool with that? I'm afraid to do so in fear of loosing the customer, but then again, I can see that the liability may far outweight the benefit of retaining the customer. I'm right there with you. Quite frankly, I don't want to wash the Lambi. But then again, I don't want to turn away the customer. It's a tough spot. At the same time that I'm glad that someone has enough faith to come to us, I'm nervous about the possible liability issues.

I guess we'll just ahve to be ultra carefull.

reply by KwikSS over 9 years ago

Dude it's still just a car. We did a Lambo Muri the other day, its about a $250K dollar car. Yeah I was the only one who drove it, but my guys washed it like an other hand wash. It's not like it's really going to be that dirty when it comes in anyways. We could of just sprayed water on it and wiped it off and it would of been clean. Just use New wash mits, and make sure your towels are clean. Micro-fiber is your friend.

reply by allen over 9 years ago

Its obvious you guys have never owned a car like that :) just pullen your chains but really, When I took my Lancia to be washed I would happily pay for the special treatment the car required.
A typical hand wash by respected personal, usually the owner, with quality products,,,no harsh chemicals, and tender loving care would cost me at least $100.00. If you cannt justify charging such a fee to the customer he is not a good exotic car owner and I would not deal with him.
I would never let them drive the car, I would deliver it to the exact spot it would STAY until I picked it up. This means under cover, inside and away from strangers. Lots to think about , some exotic car owners want a pick up service but ones like me have a NO DRIVE MY CAR attitude :) Maybe we are developing a new market here :) think about it. There are lots of exoctic car owners out there that really worry about how they can maintane them with out some dude scratching it :) Have a good one.

reply by buda over 9 years ago

What you need to do is make sure you pressure wash off all the surface dirt and grit that you can because that is what scratches.

Then use a new, clean wash mitt and have a clean large container (more than 5 gallons) of water with a gentle, non-stripping car wash shampoo.

Dip in the container and in the other hand have a hose and as you wash a small section of the vehicle run the water on that surface.

When you move to another small area, dip again to get fresh water and shampoo on the mitt; again run the water near the mitt as you work.

What this does is create a "water-barrier" between the mitt and the paint.

Do the entire car like this and rinse clean.

Then use clean microfiber towels to hand dry.

Bud Abraham

reply by Axxlrod over 9 years ago

What's a Lambi? Do you mean Lambo, as in Lamborghini? It's still just a car with paint on it... VW paint in fact.

reply by tomchung over 9 years ago

What is a VW paint?

I guess you're right. It is still just a car with paint. But, the fact that a small scratch or a ding will cost us our monthly earning still give us a chil. We're not used to working around ultra high end cars.

We waxed it by hand. Is it okay to use orbital? Also, there is about 2 foot wide strip that runs through the center of the car. We didn't wax it just to be on safe side, but I'm thinking it's okay, right?

Apparently, he lives close to us and he will be coming to us more often for hand wash and wax jobs. Just want to make sure we take good care of the car.

reply by Axxlrod over 9 years ago

VW = Volkswagon

Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagon. Actually it's technically a subsidiary of Audi which is owned by VW, but same thing. So the paint that is on the Murcielago is not any different than the paint on a Jetta or Passat. However, the expectations of the lambo owner might be very different than that of the Jetta owner. Put your best detailer on it, and charge him accordingly.

reply by MEP1 over 9 years ago

Is that the Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni?

reply by KwikSS over 9 years ago

Nope thats the big dog-the lamborghini murcielago. MRSP about $350,000grand in 2007.

reply by tomchung over 9 years ago

Now honoestly, what kind of people can drive car like that? I mean, that's a lot of money for a car. I just cannot imagine burning that much cash for a car.

I wonder how much it cost to do oil change on it. LOL

reply by KwikSS over 9 years ago

If I could afford one I would have one. But I enjoy the finer things in life. Next car on my list to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. I believe oil changes run about $500-$750 every 4500 miles. That was an 07 with 5800 miles on it so, if you dont drive it then its really not that bad..I guess. ;)

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