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Chrome Polishing helps BMW Wheels?

1 reply created over 9 years ago
posted by tomchung over 9 years ago

So, BMW's are expecially notorious for accruing mucho brake dust around the rims. If you use chrome polish, will it help heighten the effect of washing? In other words, by having chrome polish on the rim, next time it gets dirty, it's easier to clean? Sort of like wax for you car paint.

How often should you polish your chrome? And does it have the similar benefit as waxing your paint? As in, the chrome polish protects your rim's coating or something?



reply by jmoran over 9 years ago

Whatever effect polish or wax will have on a wheel will be short-lived. Wheels take a beating, between heating and cooling, road grime, salts, brake dust, etc... Not to mention, if they are getting it washed regularly the wheels are getting cleaned with either a strong alkaline or acid, and most likely high pressure water and in some cases scrubbing, all which will degrade or remove any protectant put on the wheel. Polish and wax them every time the car is detailed, to help maintain the finish.

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