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Getting spray paint off a car.

8 replies created over 9 years ago
posted by Brad Gideon over 9 years ago

Anyone know the best way spray paint off a car without using something that would effect the clear coat?


reply by jmoran over 9 years ago

Depends on what kind of paint it is, but some examples of what will work are detailers clay, lacquer thinner or Acetone. Anything you do will strip the vehicle of any wax or polish that may have been on the finish so it will need to be polished and or waxed wherever you remove the paint. If you do not know what you are doing have a professional detailer do it because you can damage the paint with any of the suggestions I made, especially lacquer thinner and acetone if done incorrectly.

reply by Brad Gideon over 9 years ago

Have the Acetone and was trying to avoid having my detail guy use it. What do you think about mineral spirits?

Thanks for your help

reply by jmoran over 9 years ago

You can try it, but it's probably not strong enough.

reply by allen over 9 years ago

Acetone is a NO NO unless you know what your doing for sure. Laquer thinner is a saffer bet, carefully try a spot where it wont matter.
Best thing to do is go to a body shop suppply and see what they got.

reply by Homer over 9 years ago


reply by buda over 9 years ago

the best and safest way is the use of Body Clay. Do not use laquer thinner; gasoline, acetone, etc. You could damage the paint with these products.

Clay is the only way.,

Bud Abraham

reply by robmadrid2121 over 9 years ago

Zep makes a "Graffiti Remover" that is amazing for paint transfer removal.

reply by baileyrb about 1 year ago

Clay ball

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