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fabric guard

1 reply created over 6 years ago
posted by skogie over 6 years ago

I'd like to add a fabric guard add-on to our detailing menu. However, from what I can tell, the products require a dry surface for application and the seats and carpets are slightly damp when we are finished extracting. I can't tie up a bay waiting for the fabrics to dry, so.... Curious to hear what other people are doing that have fabric guard on their menus. Also, pricing? Thanks in advance.


reply by buda over 6 years ago

You are correct, the solvent-based fabric protectants due require a dry carpet or fabric upholstery to apply and properly bond.

You choise is either to use a dryer or find a "water-based" fabric protectant.

My personal experience is that water-based fabric protectants are not as good as solvent-based, but then we tried only a couple of the types.

See if you can find a good water-based protectant at a janitorial supply company they have the latest technology in the field as they service carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Bud Abraham

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