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5 replies created over 6 years ago
posted by buda over 6 years ago

Any of your detailers or car wash operators with full service detailing operations using the new CLAY TOWEL.

This is a 12' x 12" microfiber towel with a rubberized, polymer material bonded to one side that works exactly like a clay bar to remove surface contaminants and paint overspray.

The only difference is the "towel" is faster and better than a clay bar and can be used on as many as 50 cars. You can rinse it off and use it over and over again.

It is an amazing tool.


Bud Abraham


reply by rbrehaut over 6 years ago

Tried one last week and I must say wasn't impressed!

reply by buda over 6 years ago

Can you explain why you did not like the Clay Towel?

reply by minutecarwash over 6 years ago

Very hard to use did not move freely across vehicle plus not too aggressive

reply by pcb over 6 years ago

You have to make sure you break the towel in. If you don't break it in it will be grabby and sticky and will not smooth the surface. To break in, spray your clay lube on a window and move the towel back and forth for about a minute with fairly good pressure. I like to leave it folded in quarters and just do it 4 times to make sure the protective coating is removed from all areas of the towel. When using the towel make sure you use your clay lube just like you normally would if using clay.

Be careful with the medium grade towel as it can cause some marring on softer paints. If you just use the fine grade you shouldn't have a problem.

reply by Andrew Jacob over 5 years ago

I've tried both the Clay "Mitts" from Chemical Guys and Professional Detailing Products (Ohio Auto Supply.) In my own opinion, I've gotten far better results from the mitts than from regular clay. I also like how they last far longer than normal clay. PDP (Professional Detailing Products) also make a product called "Wonderwipes" which come in a pack of 3 (only $39.95) which you can get 150 cars out of.
Here's the website for PDP:

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