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9 replies created over 5 years ago
posted by buda over 5 years ago

How many of you car wash operators:

a. Full Service
b. Exterior/Express
c. Self Service

Are offering express detailing services?

If you are not, why not?

Chance at big revenues.

Bud Abraham


reply by CharnesAdam over 5 years ago

One of my friend is car wash operator and he do this a full time work but as I came here you ask about express detailing service but I don't know about this so can you explain me about this service then I will ask your question to him and answer you.Do reply.
radiator support

reply by buda over 5 years ago

Express "MAINTENANCE" detailing services is a concept developed by the car wash industry in the late 1980's.

The services are performed on newer cars or cars in good condition which need only maintenance whereas "detailing" as we know it, is a "RESTORATION" service to bring a vehicle that has not been maintained cosmetically to a like new condition.

Express Services are performed in 30 minutes or less, after the car wash and the services are simply:

+ Wax
+ Carpet Shampoo
+ Seat Shampoo

You can charge about $29.95 to $39.95 for one of the services.


reply by Andrew Jacob over 5 years ago

We began offering Express Detailing just last year. It began with a slow start, and we were skeptical about continuing any longer. We entered this year nearly tripling what we did last year just within the first 2 months, even with increasing both the service prices as well as the time to complete each service. If any operator is debating on beginning Express Detailing, I'd highly recommend it. When done correctly (right people, marketing, sales person, products, etc.) it can really be a boost to your business. If you don't see big lines or big sales in just the first year, please give it time, because that's what we did and we've never looked back.

reply by aethom5 over 4 years ago

My family has been washing in Louisville for a bit and we've been at our full-serve location for nearly 40 years. I was doing all the detailing hands-on for two years now, but we want to get out of full-detailing (4 to 6 hours) and get into express detailing (30 mins). We have a great facility for detailing, although the waxing will have to be done outside, as the detailing building is located in the back of the building. We will soon offering express hand wax (easy on, easy off silicone wax), carpet shampoo, seat shampoo, and door cleaning for 35.95 a piece, wash included. Just wanted to know if you have any info you can give me on how to properly go about it, marketing-wise, or equipment-wise. We have two detailing bays, and at our full-serve we are running 40-50 cars an hour on busy days. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

reply by aethom5 over 4 years ago

*back of the building, meant back of the lot. Sorry.

reply by Andrew Jacob over 4 years ago

Marketing: In my experience and opinion as both a manager and former consumer, it doesn't really matter what "brand" you use for detailing. What matters most is that the job's done right. You don't always have to go with some big name supplier to deliver best results or make money. What matters most to the customer is the quality and value. But when it comes to advertising, definately push that and showcase that far above any wash windsigns, posters, etc. If your wash has been there for a while but the detailing is new, replace some or most of your wash signage with detailing information and promoting. Just remember that the customer knows the difference between "express" and "recondition." Lots of people simply see the word "detailing" and think that they can pay express prices to get recon results. This will definately lead to problems with customer satisfaction, overall profit and revenue, as well as much frustration with the detailer(s.)

Equipment: has a great variety of equipment to help you get started. We ordered the majority of our supplies from them 3 years ago when we began express detailing. Smaller supplies such as bottles, applicators, various small tools, etc., can typically be carried by your product distributor. On that note, in my personal experience (3rd year running the detailing center,) we really have gone through various brands, and basically "cherry pick" the best products from each one and stick with them. If there's one product that has saved us time, labor, and expense, it would be a product called "Clean and Shine" from Malco Automotive. It's a 3-in-1 cleaner, disinfectant, and satin-shine protectant for interior leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic. We've replaced a degreaser, leather conditioner, vinyl protectant, and shaved several minutes off of service time with this one product.

As a final note, try going with the express services for this year and see how it plays out. If your customers demand more or you see your crew is struggling to complete a severely destroyed vehicle in the short period of time given, you might want to try having a "complete exterior" and "complete interior" packages next year, with increased completion times, that'll allow the time needed on a more damaged vehicle. We introduced these kind of packages this year, and we no longer have headaches or are stressing out on completing a service (preferrably anything interior) in 30min.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to ask any questions! Glad to help!

reply by aethom5 over 4 years ago

Man thank you so much! All very informative things. We're looking to open up the shop soon, but it seems as though the customers asking are looking for a full detail. We will probably continue that in the 2nd bay and still take appointments. Any preference over express detailing vs. full serve? Do you see better income with either? Also, any tips on how to market the express detail?

reply by Robert Roman over 4 years ago

“We will soon offering express (detailing)….”

“Just wanted to know if you have any info….how to.... We have two….bays….full-serve….40-50 cars an hour on busy days. Any information would be greatly appreciated!”

There is not enough space here to appropriately address how to start-up an express detail program. However, I can give some tips on fundamentals.

Manage the program as a stand-alone profit center and configure a business model. Here is an example.

Value proposition = no appointment necessary and time (express). So, how long after the wash for express wax - 15-min, 20-min, 25-min or 30-min?

Likewise, carpet and/or seat shampoo. Is it 15, 20, 25 or 30-min after wash?

Will you sell combos? For example, if each service takes 20-min, a trifecta may take an hour or more.

Plan to tap up to 30 percent of segment. So, if busiest hour is 50 full-service washes, figure to capture 15 customers (50 * 0.3). To capture this value, you need capacity which is a function of service time.

If two people can complete each service in 15-min, capacity is 4 cars an hour per bay. So, two bays and four people can produce 8 cars an hour. However, this is only about 1/2 of demand.

So, do you risk long waiting lines and disappointed customers or boost capacity or lower expectations for program, etc.?

Revenue generation and margins are greatly affected by how you solve problems mentioned above.

Identify ways to deliver more value to customers. For example, express detail adds substantial waiting time to average guest time on site for full-serve-only.

What are you going to do with the customer’s additional time on your property? Entertain them, educate them, sell them more stuff, give them some privacy, etc.?

Competitive strategy – do you offer express detail as assisted-services only or reduce to push-button online service (hot wax and shield system) or offer both and how to?

Hope this helps.

reply by aethom5 over 4 years ago

Thank you for your input. It's already being put to good use. I ordered an extractor and rotary shampooers from Detail Plus, thanks Bud, and have spent the past days trying to streamline every process without sacrificing quality, i.e. pumps instead of bottles, quick connects on the air lines, etc.

I visited your website, looks great by the way, and would like to use your selling structure, hopefully selling combos and other packages as well. We open up shop in a few short weeks, so we'll start marketing with flyers soon.

Thanks for the input everyone!

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