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Best Clay Polish / wax

6 replies created over 5 years ago
posted by SpeedyJr over 5 years ago

I need to purchase some clay polish and wax for personal use. The vehicle has a marine paint job it's an old jeep. Any tips?


reply by Robert Roman over 5 years ago

I like Meguiar’s liquid cleaner/wax best for personal or professional use. It combines Kaolin clay and express wax, easy on/off, no powder residue, no streaking. I find it holds up for about two months here in Florida climate.

reply by linearossa over 5 years ago

Waxing your car helps in protecting your car’s paint job by slowing oxidation and by creating a barrier against bird droppings and also makes the car look good by adding extra shine.

reply by Andrew Jacob over 4 years ago

When it comes to clay, I've jumped on the bandwagon of "claymitts" or "clay wipes." They seem to do just as good of a job, if not better, and last much longer. You can get appx 50 cars out of one wipe or mitt.

reply by SpeedyJr over 4 years ago

@andrew I just bought a clay towel, I'll see how well it works this weekend.

reply by SpeedyJr over 4 years ago

@robert as always, thank you.

reply by pcb over 4 years ago

Make sure you break in the clay towel. Just spray your clay lube on the glass and move it across the glass aggressively for about a minute. The towels need to get the coating off the clay part before they work like they should.

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